I was on Project Runway this weekend!

Yeah...I wish! But I did get to play with the FABULOUS Anya to dress her up for Marie's Anya Fashion Show over at The Greeting Farm gallery. I can say that I'd rather stick to these models who don't give me lip when they don't like a certain outfit...plus...I'm glad Anya wouldn't throw a phone at me...lol. I know you got that one! LOL! Doing this fashion show thing made me feel like I was 8 all over again! I remember I use to LOVE playing dress up with my Barbie dols and with paper dolls. Ahhhh...those were the days. I remember I asked my dad for a sewing machine so I can make my Barbie's clothing...AND OMG...HE BOUGHT ONE FOR ME FOR MY 9th BIRTHDAY!!! I love fashion...but haven't really followed up on it. I even made my own clothing...YES...AT 9!!! I'll have to dig up some pictures of the clothing I made for myself...lol. Anywho...playing in the fashion show was TOO MUCH FUN and I know Lisa (the judge) must have had a serious had time picking the winner. All the entries were FABBY!!! I mean DANG...I couldn't even pick a favorite...it was just too hard! I am glad to say that one of my girls over on SCS...and a fellow HO...won!!! Check out her card! Congrats Susan!

Anywho...here are my 3 entries!

Entry #1 is Mardi Gras Anya! I had an idea brewing in my head that I wanted to make Anya into Masquerade Anya...but when my vision didn't come thru quite as I wanted...I scrapped that idea and made a turn around down Bourboun St...lol...and thought Mardi Gras Anya would be better than a dark "masquerade-ish" Anya. Plus...I couldn't find my feathers...lol. I had freehanded a few masks but nothing I liked...so I Googled Mardi Gras masks and saw this incredible one with a butterfly and knew I had to re-create that one! SOOOO...I broke out my Bombshell stamp set that has these FABBY butterflies from Butterfly Queen and used it as Anya's mask. FUN HUH??? I told you that Bombshell Stamps can be incorporated into other stamps! ;) Check out Miss Purple Butterfly at Mardi Gras...she even has beads but got them the right way...not the wrong one! IYKWIM? ;) LOL!

Prismacolor markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, EEggplant, PPlum, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Dress Me Anya, Bombshell Stamps (butterfly), Stampotique (flourish), & Hanna Stamps (sent.)
Embellishements: paper flower, flatback bling, gold glass beads, gold foil stickers, & hat pin
Others: ticket corner punch & floss

Entry #2 is Teen Denim Anya! She was inspired by my DD...well...I guess both inspired me! LV with the color streaks in her hair and Lizzie with the clothing. LOL! For this Anya...I pieced her clothing using patterned paper in my scraps crate that needed some use so I can cut down the mountain of scraps. I knew I had some denim like PP/DP and so the idea of the denim skirt came! First I was gonna make a tutu because LV wants to wear one of those with leggings to her next Jonas Brothers concert...it's a fad with these teenie bopper kids to wear that to a JB concert. I honestly don't like it...but whatevs! LOL...notice I'm talking like a tween! ACK!!! Anywho...I took the denim PP once it was on Anya and I used a soft file from SU to distress it for that worn look! I even gave her some leggins like the ones both LV and Lizzie use...lol. Oh...and check out her flip flops!!! She was made on a last minute thing so I broke out my old reliable sketches! Some may recognize this sketch...those that enters one of my blog candy challenges! Remember...the one I used Hanna as a sample? Speaking of blog candies...I'll be having one soon! I don't know exactly when as I want to be 100% here...but soon! Maybe for my birthday or maybe my wedding anniversary on 2/21.

Prismacolor markers used:
CS/DP: PPom, Denim, Magenta stripes, Bazzil Bling Blue, Bazzil Bling Magenta, & Bright White
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Dress Me Anya
Embellishments: Prima flowers and flatback bling
Others: Stickles in Hot Pink (?) and white gel pen

Entry #3...a digi card! Marie has 3 awesome Anya's in digi format that I picked up. Here I used Alice Anya and gave her a digi makeover! All "paper" and "embellishments" are from the Digital Scrapbook Place...a place I've been a member of since 2005 I think. I love to digi scrap...so I had to make one of my entries a digi card. Alice Anya was colored using PSP.


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~*Joni said...

OHHH! I have a new nickname for you! FABBY GABBY! :D Love these cards, so happy that a friend won with her creativity. That had me cracking up all night.I am sure it was a hard choice to decide first place, but your cards were up there in ranking hun!!!