Proud Design Team Member for....drumroll please.....



Yes...I'm super excited to have been chosen by the wonderul Shannon to be part of Bombshell Stamps very first round of design team members! I hope to make her proud and inspire you to check out Bombshell Stamps. I'll be honest...after a bad year of not being picked up for other design teams...I was ready to give up! But as soon as I saw that Bombshell was having a DT call...I thought I'd give it a last shot just as I was about to give up...and WOW...I GOT IT!!! Ya'll know my love for tattoos and stamping...so I am SUPER STOKED to basically combine 2 of the things that make me in my life!!! Did you know BSS carries tattoo ink so you can now stamp on people not moving!!!??? How cool is that??? Ya'll know a stampers motto "If it aint moving...stamp it"...now you can!!! Check out the cool tatt I made on LV! ;) That's ink you don't have to regret! LOL!

Please...if you haven't done so...give Bombshell Stamps a look at their awesome stamps and their supplies. I KNOW there is something there that will appeal to you! Who doesn't like these pin-up chicks??? Even Hanna Stamps came out with a pin-up girl stamp!!! Shyeah! OH...and check this out...if you are the type to not like papers coming with your orders because it's really just a waste of a tree...at BSS you have the option of going green and saving a tree!!! How's that for going green?

Anywho...I'm so looking forward to working with my fellow DT members and my new boss...Miss Shannon! LOL! Hope to see you around when I post BSS projects and I hope you join in the fun! P.S. I will be having candy...and I know you guys like candy! LOL! And yes...I will throw some actual candy in!

Oh...and Shannon...if you happen to be checking this out...what do you mean real pictures coming soon on the DT page? That is how I look! :P LOL!

Check out my fellow DT gals! Can't wait to work with you gals!

Melyssa Conolly
Kathi Rerek



Perky Nihilist said...

Congratulations, Gabby.

I can't wait to see your work. Bombshell stamps are the best.

You have me wanting the tattoo ink now *grin*

Cyndi said...

Can't wait to see your work. My sister was inpired by a your work. I think I mentioned she purchased some recently and they arrived today. She's really excited to play.

Anonymous said...

wooooooo hoo!!! congrats hun!!!

Melissa Craig said...

So happy for you Gabby!!! You are gonna put the Bomb in Bombshell!!

Hi Hollywood!

Melyssa said...

Congrats Gabbby I'm looking forward to working with you, love your post!


Kathi said...

Congrats Gabby! I'm so stoked about the team and about working with you!

Shannon said...

Love your post Gabby, and I'm ecstatic that I get to show off your edgy style with our stamps (grinning ear to ear!)

Oh, and ya, Elvgren makes every girl look her best!!!

SmilynStef said...

Huge congrats! ... can't wait to see what you create.

Ann said...

I just saw this news on Kathi's blog, so I had to come over here and give a big CONGRATS! Woohoo!!!

sarhod99 - Sarah said...

Congrats Gabby, that is awesome! You have an amazing talent - I am so happy even more people will get to see it now!!

Joani said...

CONGRATS to you!! Congrats to you - ok, you don't want me to sing.
I just cant beleive you've not been scooped up before this!
Your work always ROCKS!

Stampin' Meg said...

Their stamps are so you, Gabby. Looks like a perfect fit!