Yes...YOU...you ROCK! You my blog readers rock! Without you well...I would just be talking to myself...lol. Well...OK...that hasn't stopped me before (talking to myself) but you get my point! :P LOL! Ok, this little girl here is just the coolest! Wouldn't you visit this rockstar's concert...if you lived in cartoon land that is! Ok...I'm being a bit loopy...blame it on my meds...but I did enjoy coloring this Rockstar Anya up! I tried a new technique my DD showed me from YouTube. As you can see...her hair has 2 tones! HOW...well...first I started with the darker shade and while it was still wet...I went in with the lighter shade and dragged the darker down to create the contrast in change. Pretty cool huh? AND...she even showed me how to color the skin "Manga/Anime" style! Hmmm...I had never done highlighting on the skin...but thanks to YouTube...well...I've now discovered the art of "skin shading". I don't have it down to a T yet...but I'm still trying! Patience grasshopper...patience! Oh and I almost forgot...notice the eyes...that's ANOTHER "Manga/Anime" thing! The eyes always have 2 "light spots"! Thanks LV!

Ok...tell me you don't love this big head character!!! If you do...check them out HERE!

Prismacolor Markers used:

CS/DP: BBlack, BGrey, KKiss, Bright White, & Rockstar DP
Ink: BBlack & Prismas
Stamps: Rockstar Anya & You Rock (Amuse)
Embellishments: flatback bling (added AFTER I took the pic.)
Others: Star punches & Circle punches



Cyndi said...

Great card. I love that little person. My sister was on your site the other day and was inpired, she purchased a ton of Bombshell Stamps. I've yet to order that. Anyhow. Wanted your opinion on Prism's vs. Copic. What do you think? Email me. Thanks Chica!

Cori S said...

oOO i love IT!!!

Joy said...

this has to be one of my favs of yours gabby, hard to chose, I LOVE THEM ALL!

Joy said...

this has to be one of my favs of yours gabby, hard to chose, I LOVE THEM ALL!

Sarah - sarhod99 said...

Gabby I LOVE this one! I just might have to order her!!

Stampin' Meg said...

Very cool shading- love the green streaks!

Ann said...

Ohhh, how fun is she?! Love her! :D