Blog Hop Hangover!

Yeah...I'm feeling the wrath of the blog hop...lol! How 'bout you? Anywho...just wanted to remind you that Jessica will be posting the winners of the HOP over at the TSG Paper Crafts Planet group! Stop by to chat from 7 pm - 9 pm Pacific Time! There will be games, challenges, & prizes!!! She will also be showing all 3 sets used for the hops in their entirety on her blog!!! Hope to see you there!

I don't have anything to post today except a good luck to all who entered! I hope you enjoyed the hop...I know I did! It was a blast!

IF you're not a winner...don't fret...these sets will be released to the public on Wednesday, April 1st...NO JOKE!!!

I want to thank each and everyone of you who made my days by stopping by to check me stuff out for this release! You have no IDEA how much I do appreciate it!

Have a great day ya'll and I'll be back with something to post! :)

Now I'm off to a Dr. appointment!


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Velta said...

Hey Gabby ~ Thanks for sharing...I'm a little late :)