So yesterday...

...was my first borns 13th birthday! Yup...as I had mentioned before in posts...it was LV's birthday. So I really haven't done much stamp wise. But now that it's over...I'm ready to get back to my regularly scheduled program! LOL!

Since I don't have anything to show you today (stamp wise)...I wanted to post a few pics of my "teen"! I was having serious flashback yesterday seeing my "teen" and how much she's grown. Wow how time seriously flies! I remember her being my 5 lb. baby girl with TONS of dark hair and a tiny button nose. I was going thru our photobucket album looking for pictures of her when she was little and I can't believe I found THIS picture! It's of her very first picture inside my belly!!! Crazy huh? LOL! She looks like an alien! LMBO!

Then I found this picture! She was exactly a month old here. This was a picture I took of her just before she had her very first long distance trip from L.A. to Yuma, AZ to visit her auntie Lisa. She had that "Don't bother me, I'm sleeping" look...lol. She still has that same look when I wake her up to go to school...lol! She was such a good girl on the drive. NO BOTHER at all!

Now here is the sweetest picture EVER of her. It was taking during the Spring of '02 when she was in kindergarten. Just look at that sweet innocent face! LOL! God I miss those days!

Then here is a recent picture of her. She sure has grown up. In all the hoopla from yesterday I forgot to take a picture of her. I couldn't stop looking at her and feeling all sad that my little girl was growing up into such a beautiful young lady. The way she dresses now, her make-up, her demeanor...soooo different. She's such a good girl though! I have NO complaints in that department! BUT...like any other teen...she does have that "UGH" attitude sometimes. Otherwise...I'm super grateful to have such a wonderful daughter. It was funny because yesterday she was all clingy to me...lol. She's NEVER clingy!

Check out her cake! That's what she wanted it to say! LMBO! That's what people at school know her as...the Jonas Freak! *rolls eyes* WOW! LOL! I know! And yes...that doll was a gift. He's one of the JoBros as his character in the movie Camp Rock. The one she holds a special place in her heart...LMBO...that's what she says!!! You have seen the cards I've made for her right? LOL! Reminds me of MY days of NKOTB!!!

Thanks for looking!



~*Joni said...

Oh Gabby, I just loved your post today. I am always so happy seeing your cards but today was a very special one for all of us as LV is growing up! Sniff sniff! Where does time go? I know she's an awesome little teenager, she has a great mom. Those series of pictures are so sweet, it's incredible to see the changes in her. I love how you are a fan of her JB craze, that means so much to her. When I was in my Duran Duran era, I would be thrilled when my mom brought home a Tiger Beat magazine from the store. haha! I guess it's so much safer than if we had REAL boyfriends. ;)Hug LV for me!

Velta said...

LOL...I know how ya feel about little girls being all grown up Gabby!!! I am soo there. The pictures are just darling and didn't she turn out to be a lovely young lady :)

Joani said...

Our little LV, 13. My goodness! She was just a little girl. Gabby, cherish her - even with the "ugh". As I know too well, they grow up too fast and dont want to be cuddly.
Happy Birthday LV!!

Sarah said...

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and I hope I can say all the wonderful things you did about LV when mine reaches 13! So what did LV think of her card? I am sure that she loved it - you should frame it!

Melissa Craig said...

Happy Birthday LV!! You certainly have grown up to be a lovely young lady with much talent like your Mom!!