OH MY WORD...I'm shaking like a leaf!

I bet you're all...'Gabby...WTH are you talking about?'...well...if you're subscribed to the There She Goes newsletter...then you know by now! If not...I'll let you in on the secret...tomorrow morning when I'm out from under my rock...LOL! So stay tuned for tomorrow when I update what's the happs.

On other news...I have a new baby! No...not a crying and pooping one...lol...a new computer! My old dinosaur of a PC my bro gave me is now resting in peace. Thank God this time I uploaded my recent pics to my online album! That was close! Anywho...here is my baby! You see below the screen? That's the processor! SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! This and my car and my proud purchases! I feel so growed up! LMAO!
Well...see you tomorrow! Let me go polish myself up a bit to end March with what I hope is a BANG and start April on cloud nine! :)


Melissa Craig said...


Anonymous said...

So you HO'd it all out for your DH huh?? LOL congrats on the new pc.

also congrats to be a TSG trendsetter. i'm so happy foryou

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new computer!! And I LOVE the new look of your blog!!

Anonymous said...

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