Sorry I've been away!

It's been a while now huh? WELL...I have been one busy bee still and have just been doing just a bit of Spring cleaning. First I started with my craft room as it was in dire need of a face lift! AND OH BOY IT GOT ONE! LOL! Sunday the kids, hubby, and I went to All American...a local hardware store kind of like Home Depot. Anywho...we were just walking around just trying to get away from the drama at home when I saw something that really caught my eyes...A NEW STORAGE CABINET!!! I heard angels sign and a glow around the cabinet. It was love at first sight! Since I recently got my tax return I knew I had to get it. Oscar wasn't too happy about it...but it was MY money and hey...I deserved to spend it on me! Last year it was stuff for the house and clothing and shoes for THE KIDS...hey...I worked my butt off throughout the year I deserved MY treats! If you're an owner of a stamp company and you visit my blog and I bought from you...you know what I'm talkin' 'bout right?! *wink* LOL! Anywho...enough of my babbling...here are a before and some after looks into my craft cave! I still have to rearrange things and maybe add more shelves and what not...but it's a process. Next up...the kids rooms so help me God!!!

Now let me tell you about my unlucky Monday & Tuesday...just don't laugh toooo hard ok? Ok...so when we got home on Sunday with my new storage cabinet...I was like a little kid getting home with a new toy to unwrap! I took my unassembled cabinet out of it's box...it took me 2 hours + to complete...ALL BY MYSELF! Oscar just looked on...*rolls eyes*! So from assembling it, and then moving it to the side to make room in my craft cave...on Monday morning I woke up VERY sore! I tried to chill on Monday...came online for a bit...but couldn't take it. So I ended up going to sleep and then comes my unlucky Tuesday! OMG the luck was NOT on my side. First I still wake up sore and decide I'm gonna chill with Lizzie on the couch and bum it watching some flicks! So when my mom was leaving she asked if I could change a $20 for her. So here I am with blankets on me all nice and warm and as I'm walking to my purse...BANG...I tripped on my blanket and fell on my left knee. YOUCH!!! OMG I heard a nasty crack and it was swollen there after. So ok...I got my mom 4 $5 out of my wallet and held my cat while she left so he wouldn't run out the door...and when I get back to the couch...the Princess Miss Lizzie was toooo comfortable to move...so I didn't bother her and just let myself fall on to the couch away from her not realizing that the arm rest was right under my butt...so yes...I fell right on the arm rest that has wood detailing and hit myself right on my tailbone! DOUBLE YOUCH!!! Then in the afternoon I tried to move around and not lay there in pain and so I tried to make some cards...so when I go to get some CS...Bubba was laying there smelling the new wood and as I bent down to open the dreawer where the CS is...he lunged at my hand, grabbed it and GASHED MY HAND!!! OMG what a day that was!!! I'm still sore...but so far I've had BETTER news. 1 I am featured on The Greeting Farm as The Case of the Curious Card II!!! 2. I will be a guest designer for a stamp company I adore!!! I wont let that slip...but you'll find out very soon!!! I'm super excited about that because the owner is such a doll! & 3. My SIL loved the baby shower cards I made for her!!! YAY!!!

Ok...that's enough babble for now! I'll try to make the next post short next time around! LOL! BTW...I'm still working on the video tutorial for the treat boxes I made! UGH...I soooo need an update for my old Movie Maker! Thanks for reading if you got this far and thanks most of all for putting up with it...lol!


~*Joni said...

GABBY! Your post today is hilarious!! So sorry for all the ouches and oops, but hey, the craft room looks soooo super great. I love that cabinet, it doesn't look big enough to compare to all of your receipts though. lmbo!! It's just so neat and tidy, very eye pleasing as are all of your cards. ;)
Love your 3 happy reasons - I can't wait to see who you guest DT for! YAYYYY GABBY!!

Melissa Craig said...

Gabby I am so sorry about your terrible Tuesday! But it's Friday now and you'll be all better!!! I can't wait to hear the details about your Guest Designer position. That is so cool!!!

Your space is awesome and the cabinet looks so fabulous.