Fairy Nice Window Treat Boxes

Yes...I made some window treat boxes! BUT...it's a twist from the one tutorial that's out there! How? You'll see in a video tutorial I'll be adding next. It's in the cutting floor right now AND then I need to convert it. Since I'm making them using my old dinosaur computer my brother gave me...I have the old version of Windows Movie Maker...so I wont have it up on Monday as thought. :( BUT I will be adding it this coming week. Here are the boxes I made today though so you can check 'em out! Those who know me well know I'm SUPER addicted to fairies...so I used all 3 fairies from The Greeting Farm! Their names are Tink, Eva, & Chloe! They are the newest addition to my family of rubbah! LOL!

This is Chloe! She is the bubble gum fairy guarding this treat box of bubble gum! She also goes by her middle name...Rosita!

This here is Tink! She's the chocolate ball guardian! Watch out...this is not your ordinary Tink...this one will claw at you if you try to swipe the chocolates!

And last but not least is sweet Eva! She's the mint fairy! She's so cool to the taste. She's the guardian of all things minty. Here's she guarding her chocolate mint kisses saved for her bittersweet owner...ME! :P We mesh well!

Now I want to give you a moment of *GASP*! I had to try out LV's Copics for this minty cutie! I tell you...I really don't see the big of a difference in these and Prismas! Check that out!

LOL! *GASP* huh? Since LV hasn't used them yet...I thought I'd give them a test drive first to see if they were safe for LV...lol!

I'll post supplies soon!




~*Joni said...

HUSH YOUR MOUTH! Gabby I LOVE these! Thanks so much for making them for me. You are sooo sweet. LOL!!! I love how their different personalities match up so well with the candies and color combos. Omw, you need to email these to Marie, she'll flip! And she'll wonder why you didn't try out for her team, you little stinker. ;) Can't wait to check my mail, I know I'll love them in person! Bwahahaha!

Melyssa said...

Wow Gabby these are gorgeous!! I can't wait for your tutorial!!

What?? You didnt' try out for TGF??? Gabby I'm so disappointed in you!!! Bad Gabby.

I'm trying to make a choice between Prisma and Copic and I was hoping you'd test LV's set to see if there are differences. It's a huge decision for me and I don't know what way to go...help!!

Joy said...


Sonya said...

Wow..those are just fantastic!!!

Susan said...

OMGabby!!! These are sensational!!!

And yes, I did gasp when I saw the copics. teehee!!

GlitteryKatie said...

OMG GAbby these are fantastic- LOVE THEM!!

Melissa Craig said...

Gabby these so yummy! Those fairies are sooo darn cute!!

Elena said...

So cute!!! You are so creative and very talented, Gabby! I love how you colored this little cute fairies!

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, Gabby. . .your boxes are AWESOME! I love your coloring and all the pretty colors that you used for your boxes!!

Hey, I saw your card on the GF blog. . .whoohoo! Can't wait to CASE your card. . your card is awesome.

Honestly, I don't see much difference between Copics and Prisma. I use my Copics more often mainly because I have more of them. I even did a product review on my blog and wanted to let everyone know that there's no distinguishable differences between the two markers. . .maybe, the price. LOL!!

Hope you are doing well!! Talk to you later!!


Anonymous said...

Love these!

BloomingPink said...

Love your boxes. They are beautiful.