Let's monkey around Monday!

LOL...don't laugh at my title...I think it's the pain meds still from last night...lol! So...this card I had made for the MFT Idol and I just had regrets and withdrew it because all the entries were toooo awesome to compete. Plus in my funk...this is NOT my best work! So here you have my MFT Idol reject...rejected by moi! I hadn't used this set in a while so I said what the heck! I'm gonna save it for DH when I feel like monkey-ing around with him...lol. The baubles were suppose to be my poor attempt at coconuts...HEY...I SAID POOR! LOL! Oh well...I just thought I'd post it since I had nothing else to post until tomorrow...St. Patrick's Day! I think you'll like it! Or so I hope! It's made for my DT position at Bombshell Stamps. It was gonna be an entry for the contest...but instead I just thought I'd share. Check in tomorrow to check it out!

Since I still have my splint on...I'm not gonna make this one long...but as soon as this splint comes off on Thursday...hopefully...I'll post the supplies!


~*Joni said...

You withdrew THIS?!? OMWord Gabby! I can't even imagine the real entries you submitted! I love that monkey in his element, the sentiment is tooo funny and so perfect! He looks like a fun and mischevious kind of buddy. ;) Sort of like you. haha!!

Melissa Craig said...

I can't believe you withdrew the card! It's just wonderful and fun and who wouldn't want to go playing in the vines with that little guy!

I love it and it's an Idol in my opinion.

MiamiKel said...

Withdrawn! I would totally vote this a winner- love how you did the little ferns overlapping, the added bling in the trees (coconuts, lol!) It's superbly cute!

Rosette said...

Wow Gabby, you'resooo talented! Your style is fresh, cool and lovely!! Well done.xx