I've gone boo-nanas!

Ok, I LOVE Halloween and this morning when I went out into my garden and found a Black Widow (which I captured!) I thought of this card to make! I know, I'm sick!

While I'm on the subject of Halloween...look at what I "cooked" up!
Anyone hungry for spider legs? LOL!

Stampin' Up sets used:
Roses In Hallowen~
Cheesecloth (retired)
Roses In Winter (retired)
Best Fiends (retired)
Just Between Fiends (retired)

Booglie Eyes


malieta said...

Your card is cute in it's own "off beat way" Spider Legs on the Menu...haha
p.s. I like this song, I don't know who she is but she sounds good to me!

Ticia said...

Love your halloween cards ,great work!

Maria said...

Hey Gabby! Oooh I love that Halloween bouquet card! It's fabulous! I absolutely love it.

The Bon Appetit card is too funny! Very creative. It's awesome!

Yeah, we have a lot of black widow spider in our garden too. California is infested with them.


Speedystamper said...

AWESOME CARDS! I can't believe you captured a Black Widow Spider so nocholantly! I'm sure I would have called 9-1-1! lol! You are a brave girl. I'll pass on the spider legs for now, but your card is one of the most creative I've yet seen in the Halloween category! I also love the Boo-quet . . . I could be convinced to accept that one! lol! Thanks sharing a some great Halloween cards!