What I made today!! *BIG SMILE*

This card I made first with te ladies that came for a stamping class. We were first gonna work on some Halloween cards, but when they saw a previous card I made, the instantly fell in love with this card. They waited patiently to make their card because I only have one set...lol. It was nice to see them share. When one finished the first stamped image, she passed on the stamp and pad to the next. They were really happy with their cards and wished that Stampin' Up hadn't retired it. I know what they mean! I probably would have more sells with this set. This is also a card I'm gonna be sending to the Dunn family. Inside I'm gonna type up a verse from the bible before I send it off. I'll be reading thru my bible tonight to see what fits. I'm sending it off Monday, so I hope I can find something fitting.

This card I made second. It's for the Dunn twins from the post below. I made it with lots of love and care. I used Priceless as seeing their little faces on their parents site and being so brave is priceless. You can read about it at the links I've provided below. Please take some time out to send this courageous family a card filled with well wishes for the girls and just a hello to let them know we are behind them and praying not only for the girls, but for them in general.

I made this card last since it's for a swap that doesn't close yet. It was a challenge to use only black & white with NO accent color! I went to the old reliable....Baroque Motifs! I know, I'm gonna wear this set out to the wood! I may have to hide it well so I can leave it alone for a bit...lol.


Maria said...

Hey Gabby! Wow all your cards look FABULOUS. I especially like the black and white one but they are all beautiful.

Sounds like you had a great time with your stamping class!! Yeah, I agree, it's too bad that stamp set retired. It's a very lovely set.

Congratulations on the 5 lbs loss. I can see many more coming off! Keep up the great work!


malieta said...

Your card is very pretty! So elegant looking.