My Favorite Things Stamps~Take 5 for $65

If you know me well, you already know I'm a softy when it comes to stamp specials...lol. So when I saw the special at My Favorite Things, I just had to order! When I received them early last week, I was in a mini slup when it came to trying to come up with ideas to use them for. So then Rox from SCS came up with a sketch challenge, and well...it started from there when I finally used ALL 5 SETS! My hubby told me, "If you buy new sets, you better use them right away or your account will have a minimum block of $50 a month! GASP! NO!!!! So good to say I used them and my account wasn't blocked! Still that doesn't mean I'm gonna make anymore purchases...ahem...aside from the Bella Stamps shopping spree I hid....shhhh! Don't let him know that. This featured set is called" Think Pink". MFT stamps is donating 50% of the retail price to Breast Cancer reasearch! We're in this together! Click to give @ The Breast Cancer Site:

This one is another set from MFT! It's called "Meet Me At The Cafe'". I made this card with a sketch in mind for my MSN group. I finally opened up a package of PP I bought at Target from Autumn Leaves. This PP is YUMMY!
This set is called "It's A Jungle Out There". I used this set to make cards for a swap that calls for monkies at SCS! I teamed it up with the Monkey Business Set from Stampin' Up! I joined the swap because I have 3 crazy monkies! Their names are Elvira the oldest monkey (11), Oscar Jr. the scared monkey (8), and Elizabeth the CRAZY monkey (3). They sure keep me on my toes!

This set is called "How Sweet It Is" and it's a mini set. In my own guess, I'm thinking they call this set a mini because it's smaller than the other sets and are versatile for ATC's and 3X3's? I said it was my guess! LOL! I signed up last night for a Chocolate swap on SCS and had to use this set for this swap. I have other chocolate stamps, but take in mind what hubby said about my account! Anyways, I used that scented embossing powder from Gel-A-Tins on the "kiss" chocolate brad. It smells yumms enough to eat!

Last but most definitely NOT least is this set called "Boho Blossoms". I made the card this morning for a new sketch challenge on SCS and I'm also gonna be using it for a swap in my group. I also used that yummy PP I mentioned before from Autumn Leaves. It is a cool paper! If you ever shop for Autumn Leaves PP....I recommend it! How cool is the brad in the center of the blossom? I found it in a package of 6 in the Target $ section almost a year ago! Yeah, I'm finally digging thru my old stuff I haven't used. I am also trying to organize myself to the point where I HAVE to dig into my scrap pile...I like Maria of Card Inspired, have a BAD scrap syndrome called "I'm too lazy to go through the scrap pile so I cut up new cardstock all the time syndrome". Read about her mission to use up her scraps HERE!


Maria said...

Wow looks like you went on a serious buying spree. I wish I could go on a buying spree but I don't have money! Whaaaaaaaaa!

I'm embarrassed to ask my husband for money because he thinks I'm nuts with my stamping addiction so lately I've been making cards to sell. I really need to generate some income. I'm having serious buying withdrawals.

Anyway, love, love all your cards! You did a wonderful job with those MFT stamps!

Glad your digging through your scrap pile. As my pile goes down, it really starts to feel good. It just takes a bit of will power not cut a full cardstock.

I have to stop by HCWL. .. I've been busy fixing my "tutorial" website problem. Hopefully, I'll get my tutorials back up by this weekend!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Suzy said...

Gabby I love your cards! The little hands around the hugs & kisses card- SO perfect!

I want all these sets! I have Boho blossoms on the way.

Thanks for visiting my blog :) You said it perfectly - when gf's get together to stamps.....we talk and talk. A blog without talking about nothing would be ......blah.