Whipper Snapper Revival? Before & After

So as you may have read before about my Prismacolor catastrophe about misplacing them and having to use my Zigs to color this image here...well, I decided I was gonna try to salvage the card because I was very disappointed by how the coloring turned out...well I tried hard hard to revive it, but now the kitty is darker and looks like it has dark "chest hair"! LMBO!!! Hey, I tried! Next time I'll wait until I find what I need to use. I circled the kitties chest hair...lol...don't laugh too hard!


Sonya said...

Primsacolor markers are pure heaven. I really the the image you used..fabulous job!

Maria said...

Haha! Chest hairs! Must be an macho Italian cat! Regardless, your card looks great. When I mess up on my coloring. . .I cover it up with Crystal Effects. When it dries, it kinda hides the messed up coloring. You can use Diamond Glaze too.


Gabby said...

LMBO Maria! He is a "Mucho Macho" kittie! Just look at him...fearless on top of the dog!

Anonymous said...

I think this card is wopnderful I love my primsacolor markers. If this card needs a home you know my address. Te-He
P.S. Love your music!