On my way out of town!!!

I've been gone for a couple days just busy as can be...and now I'm on my way to visit my sister in Yuma, AZ with my family. I'll get back rollin' with posting as soon as I get back...I don't want to lose my faithful readers...lol. I am so not ready for that 6 hour drive. Especially with 3 kids, a husband, and elderly parents...GOD HELP ME! LOL! In the meantime, here is a card I received for a swap from a dear bud...Nic! She's in Texas...and what a way to send greeting than with a Texas stamp! Cool huh? Loving the distressed look!!! Oh, and look out for the upcoming month for my very first blog candy...yummmmm!!!! So watch out for that! It's gonna be a sketch challenge to start off! So make sure you check back often (to those NOT subscribed) and then we'll go from there! Ok, until later......

Family Road Trip


Sonya said...

I hope you all have a wonderful time!!! card rides can be very long..dont kill eachother!! LOL

Joani said...

Gabby, I so know your pain. But just turn on the tunes and "block" everything out... Have a safe trip!

Maria said...

Hey Gabby. . .enjoy your trip! Wow the drive don't sound like fun.

Your card looks fabulous. Love the distressed look!


Jules said...

What an awesome blog, I will be checking often! Great Cards!