Sleep deprivation + boredom=THIS!!!

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This is what happens to me when I'm sleep deprived...and bored! For some reason my fuel tank is on FULL and I can't seem to make it go on EMPTY. Maybe if when I hit the sack I'll knock out clean! Anywho, I was making a card for a friend of my mom who had a birthday and I thought I would use my Roses In Winter set and pair it with Watercolor Minis. Well, after I was done with my moms card....this idea came to mind:"What if I made an animation of a step by step of the card I just made?". If you look closely, you can see I missed a few steps towards the end and that the angles aren't straight in every picture...but I'd be crazy if I try to do that again! So I just left it at that and was very happy....tired...but happy! What do you think?


malieta said...

I got a chuckle out this animation deal...it's cute and so different!
What made me chuckle is the flowers are bouncing with the music, maybe I need some sleep too.

Gabby said...

LOL Malieta! I was just thinking the same right now!