Birthday cards I received yesterday!

How sweet of these wonderful gals to have remembered such a crazy girls birthday...lol! Look at these 2 cards I received yesterday from Joani and her DEAR MOTHER Rose! I love them both! Thanks a bunch! I got 1 today...but I need to upload it...so I'll post it tomorrow!

This one is from Joani! Along with the card were some GINORMOUS flowers and a GINORMOUS button! My weakness in X-Large! LOL! Thanks Joani!

This one is from Joani's momma, Rose! She knows I love purple I can see...lol! It's so pretty and glittery!! Thanks so much Rose!


Joani said...

Oh Gabby, I'm so glad it got there in one piece. I thought for sure the button would break!
Happy Birthday dear friend!!

Sonya said...

Wonderful birthday cards Gabby! mine is comin but will be late.