PIF RAK's I sent out!

Well, looks like the 3 ladies I chose for the BPIF got their goodies, so I guess it's now OK to show off what I sent! I made matching composition book, pen, post-it notes holder, tape dispenser, and candle for each recipient.

This one was made for Meg. I didn't know how to follow Maria's PIF goodies she sent to me, but I have to say I AM pleased with what I made...lol. I went off of Meg's last name "Peacock" and just thought I'd use this "paisley" looking DP from Autumn Leaves. I thought "peacock=paisleys"...yes, it's ok to laugh now...lol. I'm such a dork! I'm so glad she liked it though!

This one was made for Kathleen. When I visit her blog, and see her cards, I see elegance and in her demeanor as well, so that's why I used these "elegant" color scheme. Don't get me wrong, I know many elegant bloggers, but I chose Kathleen because she has been such a follow up reader and commenter on my blog I had to choose someone so deserving.

And last, but most for sure, not least...my girl Joani! Ever since I met Joani, some years back at a card group I joined when I started getting into stamping, she has been such an AWSOME friend and I see her as cheerful, and what's cheerful to me? FLOWERS! It's no wonder butterflies and dragonflies, and all other cute insects like to be around them. Guess you can say I'm the "bug" to Joani's "flowers". Cheesy and a dork! GREAT! LOL! But hey, that's me and I can't change it! You either like me this way, or don't like me at all!


Michelle said...

Beautiful RAKs The recipients are very lucky!!

Marilyn said...

Gabby - I am in awe of your work - you are amazing! Love what you have created!! Those big flowers are just gorgeous!!

Lori J said...

Great job on these, Gabby! I like the pink and green. :0)

kathleenh said...

Gabby, you did a beautiful job on each of our gifts. Thanks so much for including me!

Maria said...

Oh wow GAbby! All your PIFs are fabulous! The notebooks are soooo pretty and I love all the papers that you used. I'm sure your recepients will be very happy with what you gave them.