My late Christmas/Early birthday present from me!!!

I got an OTT lamp!!! I've always wanted one of these for like a long time now and I always looked at the price and just walked on by! Well...one morning when my mail came...I saw a Michaels flyer. GUESS WHAT WAS ON THAT FLYER? A 50% off coupon!!! I hear angels sing and the sky light up! I was so excited as this is one of my new resolutions...to use cupons and become more "frugal" and thrifty...my hubby just called it cheap! LOL! Anywho...I just wanted to share my excitement! Hopefully once tax time comes I can pick myself up some Copics as my Mother's Day gift...lol. Check this out!

Here is how the lamp looks in my "work space"!


Lori J said...

I got one sometime last year on clearance at an office supply store. I don't regret one bit spending money on such a quality product. :0) Enjoy your new found colors.

Joani said...

How cool! I've wanted one for a long time, but I generally dont craft after dark. TOO COLD in my room.
Great find!
P.s. I'm frugal too. Just savin' more to spend more ~ that's my motto!

Melissa M. M. M. said...

I didn't know Michael's had OTT lamps, WOW! Thanks for sharing that. LOVE the pic of the bill :0) Mel