Try A New Technique Monday

Hey ya'll!! I've now become a challenge chaser over at Split Coast Stampers (actually have been stalking the challengers for some time now...lol). Sometimes I go for it and sometimes it's something I either can't do or just don't have the time (or brain) to think of something. I'm sure you saw my last post for the Saturday Inspiration Challenge...geez! Anywho...todays technique was to make a photo wallet! I just had to try it out! So here is my VERY FIRST ATTEMPT!!! I'm extremely happy with it! Mostly because I've showcased my kids on it!! What do you think?

This one showcases my eldest DD. She's an 11 (soon to be 12 on 3/01) year old stamper following in mommas shoes! She's even designing "cutsie art" to see if she can find someone who will pick up her work to turn into stamps! WOW! This picture of her was taken at my work space right before she went off to school. Check out them nifty glasses!
Up next is my son! He is 8 (soon to be 9 on 3/05) and is a WHIZ at architectural art! He aspires to be an architect. He LOVES to build things or as he calls them "cities" out of our Jenga and using cups and whatever he can use to stack! My the Lord bless him and keep his heart true to what he aspires to be. His picture was taken the weekend before Thanksgiving. He was trying out his "rocker" look trying to do his hair like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Isn't he a handsome one?

Last and most definitely, my baby girl! What can I say about her besides she's a 3 year old going on 30! This girl has got sas and a 'tude! She reminds me of me when I was a little girl! She changes clothing like a teen and LOVES jewelry! She watches America's Next Top Model with my DD and me and she tries to pose too. She is such a HOOT!! This picture was taken by the Salton Sea on our way back home from my sisters house in Yuma, AZ.

Now here are the rest of the pics. The first one is the full album, the next is the belt, and the last one is of the detail. Thanks for looking!
CS: Priceless & Baroque Motifs
Ink: CCoral, WWasabi, & PPom
Stamps: Priceless & Baroque Motifs
Embellishments: baubbles
Others: giga scalloped punch, oval punch, piercer, & pom poms


Lesa said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Gabby!!!!!! This is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to stamp, but I have had a stupid headache all day. Maybe tomorrow!

Maria said...

Hey Gabby, your photo wallet is beautiful. I love all the beautiful colors and especially, the pictures of your kids. It's a great photo wallet to carry around and show to friends and family.


Lori J said...

This is beautiful! I love the flower on the front cover. :0)

Joani said...

Gabby, it is mah-velous! I love everything about it! And I love the colors!
Great work (as always!)
P.s. The kids are getting big.. :)

Mally said...

Gabby, You have blown me away with this. Inspired. Well done.

Rosella said...

Love it Gabby! You did an amazing job. It's really nice to get to know your great kids too!

Alana said...

This is sooooo cute! I love the cute purse look. I want that stamp set so bad now. And I love the flowers with bellies. And it's a fun way to learn about your children. Awesome job!