Banners I've designed

I love the way banners look...so I decided to take a chance and create some! Here are a few banners I've made for friends blogs.

This first one is my last banner~

This is a banner I made for my good friend Joani~

This one I made for another friend who just jumped on the blog bandwagon~

And last but not least, this one I made for my DD's blog~

Whatcha think?
Thanks for looking!


Michelle said...

I like number 1. The font is smoother than the one on your current banner. Number 3 is very pretty. I love sepia tones. I think number 2 is interesting, very textured. But I like number 1 the best. I like more color, though, so that's why I'd pick number 1 over the other two. very nice banner. Love the flowers.

Lorraine said...

i like number 2. i love the textured look!

Gabby said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! I may just change it to the buttonized one...if I don't come up with better banners now that I've been messing around with my PSP & DIP...lol.

Joani said...

Hi Gabby!
I like the one that you are using, but I also like #3. Great work!

Sonya said...

2 or 3 are my fav's

Lori J said...

I like all 3 of them. :0)

Rosella said...

Love the no. 3 one. They are all great, so whichever you choose will be perfect.

Rosella said...

LOL! I guess I was not paying attention. You have changed it already! Great choice!